Let's Eat Grandma - Ava

Текст песни: Ava

[Verse 1]
With her head in her scars
Ava studies her palm
As she waits on the window seat
Pebble thrown over arm
Her face is stark in alarm
She says, “What do you want from me?"
I said why'd you take it as final when you're starting to spiral
Girl, why can't you see?
You know I know you can do it
And I'll help you get through this

Whether it's
Once or twice or again
Again, no

[Verse 2]
Moonlight in the garden
Grass beneath your toes
Girl in shame says, “They can't see me like this”
Well, if you slip or stall, I'll be holding holding your hands
I'll be holding your
Mmm, mmm, I
A couple summers have passed
And I can't place the car
As walk past her balcony
Words long lost in this air
A little breeze in my hair
Is I think what she might've been
I wonder where she's been living
And if she's still wishing for no one to see?
I know I have to accept this
But if she'd have let me

I'd be there
Once or twice or again
Let's Eat Grandma M-tech 124 06.07.2018

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