Lil Durk - The Story 2.5

Текст песни: The Story 2.5

On my son this shit was a freestyle, you know what I'm sayin'?
I just, when this muthafucka spoke to my mind, so if I ain't say yo' name just know I love y'all for sure, you know what I'm sayin'
No hard feelings you feel me?

Late night sleepin' through the gunshots
Yeah, police sirens that shit everywhere
No one to blame 'cause ain't no victim there
Can't get no justice 'cause no one cares
All I had was all the trappers
All I had was all the trappers
All I had was all the rap niggas that's hood tryin' come up
All I had was the dope dealers (yeah yeah)
All I had was the dope dealers (yeah yeah)
Neighborhood hero
Fell out with my main nigga, yeah I thought that really loved me
Shoutout to my nigga Vernie but you know that's that nigga brother
Rex that's my dawg forever, never undercover
And these bitches wanna fuck and suck on us but we'll never love 'em yeah
Randy always got the weed yeah yeah yeah
Ikey off the flats t’d yeah yeah yeah
And you know what twin doin' ridin' around with that 100 shots
On that 20 block perimeter tryna look for opps
No tellin' what Jason and Dthang doin', they probably with thots
Can't mention none of my old homies they party with opps
Catch Hypno on Damon he ridin' with mops
Even though that nigga gangsta he ride with us
Tory he from Canada, Doodie from Kankakee
We did shit with the whole Lam but they secret safe with me
Chubbs and OJ leave you slumped if you play with me
I can't tell you foe'nem name but they play with C
I'd say fuck rap and shoot a nigga dead if they play with Steve
Gotta keep it low, shoutout Boonie Mo but he play with keys
Bitch skin yellow he drugged as hell off the rim thang
GL and Mayski puttin' on all black just to get that rent payed
Me and D-town ain't seein' eye-to-eye but I love them boys
They saved my life and they don't know that's why I love them 4
I love O-block we had some words that shit like tug of war
That shit went far but not that far them boys my brothers boy
Heard some shit with THF but I don't believe the rumors
Them my real brothers so we cannot get into it
That shit what Top and 'em did just forget 'em for it
You know we gang gang gang gang 300 glory boys
300 two times my 600s
A show or not a show for sure for sure them boys is comin'
Rondo caught a case, Zoo caught a case
I had caught a case, Dede caught a case
We couldn't get out at once that shit lame
They say I left them in that jam hangin' that shit pain
Like that hurt my feelings, I know that hurt you nigga
Night time made you go in the crib like a curfew nigga
What's crazy Baby D you think I hurt you nigga
Ain't gon' talk about my past relation but you hurt your nigga
Dawg pound took me in when I had no one nigga
We go way back, way way back we had no guns with us
Murdertown gang gang they was turnt up with us
Man Jane, E Rob, Tyson Smooth know what it is
Little Law daughter little Tyler son I love them kids
And I gave them what they want when no one did
3 boys 2 daugthers, I love all my kids
I heard rumors they not mine but I know my kids
Now I'ma talk to the streets as I always talked to the dead
How you a killer and a snitch, you threw in the flag
Reesey money, Fredo, SD
Rondo, L'A, Nuski, Booka, Chief Keef
Take it back to 2012 when we had a bond
When the whole gang had deals and we had fun
Rell that's my brother like my dad's son
I ain't never got no abortion case say on my dead son
I fuck with the Ts, 4s, GDs, BDs, Moes
Fuck with the kings, souls, mafias, and all the cobrassss
All the upcoming rappers I salute ya
Don't get in my way tryna get some fame I'll shoot ya
I take all of these Gucci loafers and suit up
Pop me a percocet might leave y'all booed up
Booed up
I'm booed up
I'm booed up
I'm booed up
I'm booed up
I'm booed up
I'm booed up

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