Lil Skies - Locked Up (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "Unbothered"

Текст песни: Locked Up

Steeze, make some space, bro
Ayo, Rello
So fly, so high up in the sky
I am that nigga, bitch, you fuckin' with Skies, let's go

I don't know about you niggas, I'm gettin' my money, that's for sure (Mhm)
I'ma do this for the bros that's all locked up down the road (Hm)
You claim you a real-ass nigga, you got in that room and you told, huh (Mm)
How funny how these niggas claim they soldiers, but they fold, yeah
I stay with a army, we fully equipped, we goin' right in, huh (In)
I take all my losses, throw them in the dirt and I learn how to win, yeah (Win)
We came up from nothin', we showin' you that, this shit ain't pretend (Oh, no)
If God come and get me, I promise I'm not confessin' my sins, yeah (Oh, no)
I stay with the goons, I stay with the problems, we shootin' the AK (The AK)
When I see a opp, I'm feelin' so happy, it feel like a payday (Payday)
I could've been Craig up on the porch chillin' with Day Day (Day Day)
But now I got money and now I'm a star and they all wanna know (Let's go)
I ran them bands up, I'm livin' my life like no average Joe (No-no)
If you are a ho, I promise, my nigga, you will get exposed (On gang)
We loaded the guns, we shootin' the bullets, we goin' boom
I keep me a shooter, he sound like rain when he walk in the room (Pew-pew, pew-pew)
I dress in all black, uh (Pew-pew, pew-pew)
I got a MAC, hm (Pew-pew, pew-pew)
I'm sippin' this lean (Pew), I fell on my back (Pew), I had heart attack, hm (Pew)
But then I came back, hm (Pew, pew)
I promise I'm like that, nigga (Pew, pew)
I'm not with the chit-chat, nigga (Pew, pew)
Fuck around, get your shit cracked, nigga (Pew)
Callin' the dispatch, nigga
Old cop-ass nigga, you a old clown-ass nigga
Old bop-ass nigga, we don't wanna be around your ass, nigga
Wanna be around the gang, but you a clown-ass nigga
I got them ones, came from the bottom, I keep me a gun
I put that on my son, a nigga try me, I'm not gonna run
If I come with a stick, I do your ass up, you know what I'm on (Uh)
Fifty thousand on me in the duffel bag, it's Louis Vuitton (Uh)
I bought my mom a house, now when I get bored, I fish in her pond (Uh)
The family come over, the chef is cookin' filet mignon (Uh)
We used to eat noodles, but we not eatin' no ramen (Uh)
Top of the mornin', my nigga, I'm stuntin' because I'm the one (Uh)
Oh, you get a lot of love? (Yeah)
Oh, you get a lot of drugs? (Oh, yeah)
Don't give me nothin' (Mm-mm)
Sing to a bitch, they ruffin' (Let's go)
Got tattoos on my stomach (Oh, yeah)
I don't really like to be in public (Mm-mm)
Most of these niggas ain't thuggin' (Mm-mm)
Most of these niggas ain't clutchin' (Mm-mm)
Live my life like a maze, I ain't seein' no more rainy days (Mm-mm)
I done been through so much pain, now a bitch can't tell me a thang
Nigga, you don't feel my pain, nigga, you can't fit in this Range
Bitch actin' strange, she lit (Skrrt), I'ma fuck around, fuck that bitch (Skrrt-skrrt)
Kick her to the curb, they know I gotta dip (Mhm)
Get money, that is my pivot (Oh, yeah)
I'ma keep winnin' 'cause I did it (I'm livin')
I don't really like talkin' to niggas (No, no)
I don't really even talk to these bitches (Fuck y'all)
I'm never really like that, my nigga (On God)
On God, he is my witness (Mhm)
Nigga try me, mm, we gon' wash and mop him up with the dishes
Really don't do no snitchin' (No, no)
I really don't do no pretendin' (Oh, yeah)
I been livin' my life like a demon (On God)
I could show you niggas how to get it (Mm)
I been gettin' money for a fuckin' reason
I been stuntin' hard all four seasons
I been sippin' this lean, I'm leanin'
Drivin' too fast, you ain't catch me speedin'

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