Lil Wayne - For the Night

No Ceilings 3 [A-Side]

Текст песни: For the Night

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Don't get me wrong, bitch get me right
Don't blow up my phone, no dynamite
She give me them jaws, that shark don't bite
Pussy I eat, don't feed me lies
She say that she gay, I say "hooray" (Yeah)
You just my type (Yeah), I love them dykes (Yeah)
I'm on a pill, she done some white (Shit)
Her thong was red, yeah, I run the light (Nyum)

[Verse: Lil Wayne]
IG, TikTok, nope, she say she saw me on Triller, yeah
Squad up, squadzilla, yeah
Throw a three hundred thou' out the window, yeah, uh
I'm rich but I'm slimey, go low on lil' mami
I look up, and she say she finna cum
I say "Yeah, I know," she say "Please take it slow"
And I hit her with the E-40 flow
This triple X-Rated, that triple-stacked ecstacy pill make her cum 'til she come undone
She put coke on my dick and her tongue get numb
She too numb to talk shit, she can't pump her gums
I flew to Paris just to say "bonjour"
Flew to Amsterdam just to smoke the good
Flew to Napa Valley just to taste the grapes
Flew to H-Town just to get an eight
I got the industry wanna be me
The same imagery, all I see is lil' me
I'm in the Rolls Royce with her doonies
Dripping all this milkshake on them Kelis
Like bling in the light
She wanna fuck on the king, not a knight
I pick her up, put her feet in the sky
When we fuck, sound like Tina and Ike
I put some cum in her drink, now it's spiked
She 'bout to drink it like white wine
Can't cry over spilled milk, but that cum look like milk in her mouth
If she spill it, I might cry
Pop the coco, some Rosé, Dom Pérignon
I pull up with a hoe out a catalogue
Drop her off then go pick up her famo
Knock her off, take her shit, then I vamos
Gucci links from the rocks as a choker
Matching bracelet and watch, I'm supposed to
R.I.P. to the Pop, make me smoke ya
S-A-P for the opp, buenos noches
M-O-B to the mob, cosa nostra
L-I-T and I'm high as the voltage
Extra lean, extra pot, extra dosage
Extra cream in the crop, that's the potion
Extra clips, extra shots at your soldiers
Seventeen in the Glock, no emotion
Extra bang, extra pop and explosion
Turn his body to ash, he need lotion
The clock always wrong but I'm right on time
It's Blood gang, bitch, we ball, yeah, like five on five
Fuck that, I'll pop me a seal, pour up a line
You know I got No Ceilings, so touch the sky
Yeah, ho, touch the sky
[DJ Drop: DJ Khaled]
Little Wayne, No Ceilings 3 (3)
One time for Mack Maine and Nicki Minaj, let's go (Go)

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