Little Dragon - Tongue Kissing

Текст песни: Tongue Kissing

Ett, två, tre
Hey, what are you waiting for?
I don't know
You ok?
Not really, tell 'em

[Verse 1]
Trend of the day, you disappear
It might be me, baby, don't be scared
After this guy, shoot, we still here
Slow dancing with what's real sincere
I walked down to the harbour in the pitch dark
Heart open, Lord, the peak of it all
Don't you wanna head on down?

Tongue kissing now

[Verse 2]
Young lives floating in the waters
A slow dive
You lucked out, I'm telling you a third time
I thought I'd never make it back 'round

[Verse 3]
Broke free, years and years of picking
They will soften me
Years and years of fighting 'gainst a mystery
Don't we wanna hide it all down?

Tongue kissing
Tongue kissing now

You know you have to find love for yourself first

Tongue kissing
Tongue kissing now

[Verse 4]
So alive when the band are by your side
So ever grateful for the nights I cried
Forever broken minds, so unified
Take me apart, take me apart
Trend of the day, disappear
It might be me, baby, don't be scared
After this guy, shoot, we still here
Tongue kissing, tongue, tongue kissing now

[Verse 5]
Beam me a letter, I'll write you too
Write a whole book, never get it to you
One other song, should we still hear
Tongue kissing now, let the tongue kissing now

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