Luke Combs - Honky Tonk Highway

Текст песни: Honky Tonk Highway

[Verse 1]
Midnight Prevost heading down to Alabam'
I got a three-night run, we’re gonna kick it off in Birmingham
Headlights, wide lines, flying down 65
Trying to catch a few hours’ sleep
Tomorrow comes showtime, that’s when I know I’m
Livin that neon dream

I got a bus and the band and the one-night stand
Waiting on us down the road we’re gonna
Load it in, crank it to 10, whiskey shots till 2am
And off to another show and then it’s
Back to my baby for a couple days
But I can only stay for so long
Till that honky-tonk highway’s calling me home

[Verse 2]
Rolling into Mobile name on the marquee sign
Waving at the women that are standing in the ticket line
Point me to the stage I know that’s the only place I’m ever
Smoky bars, guitars, breaking all the girls’ hearts
That’s the only life for me, oh




Till that honky-tonk highway’s calling me home

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