Medicine Boy - Water Girl

Текст песни: Water Girl

Breathe deep my little lamb
Breathe deeper than before
Breathe until your lungs catch fire and then baby
Breathe just a little more

Swim now my six gilled serpent
Swim swift my morning star
Swim through the rivers of my blood
Swim up the stairs and through the walls

I was dreaming of a velvet pearl
Strung around the neck of a water girl

She moves with the rhythm of the rolling tide
She floats like a feather under falling moonlight
Daughter of the water the song of the sea
I gave her my heart she fed it back to me

And it sure feels good yeah it sure feels fine
Self-pity been taking all my time
Ah gimme more yeah gimme some more
Don’t I look my best lying face down on the floor

Take me a break me but baby
Don’t waste the pieces
Forsake me and make me
Into something facetious
Love me and lick me
Burn a hole through your tongue
‘Cause I’m the shape-shifter mama
And I’ve only begun

I was dreaming of a velvet pearl
Slung around the neck of a water girl

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