MÖWE ft. Abi F Jones - This One's For You

Текст песни: This One's For You

It's never easy when you're
Feeling like you lost your game
But don't you worry now
We're gonna pull around again
Take my hand we'll make a plan
And find a way to go
Together we could right the sun,
the moon, the stars, the ocean
This one's for the lovers
For my sisters and my brothers
This one's for you
This one's for the fighters
For never giving up when lightning strikes ya
This one's for you
When the world is telling you
To put your dreams away
Keep 'em running, keep 'em coming
Don't you let it fade
Don't let it fade
Even told you all you needed was
A change of scene
For you to blossom into summer shine
Gold and green

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