Текст песни Oh Sees - C

Слова песни: C

[Verse 1]
Whose smoke I see up on the burning bow?
I squint my eyes but I still don't know
I've been smelling fear on you
Burning buildings, morning dew

[Verse 2]
Who swings the sword of the violent night?
Poor baby didn't put up a fight
Now they're hungry for our blood
Elbows deep in fetid mud

[Verse 3]
Creature crawling in the morning light
Belly dragging, oh, what a sight
Awfully swollen, eyes askew
No more human hunter do

[Verse 4]
Slide down deep, baby, in its lair
Laying among the bones and hair
This evening begins anew
Creature, come on, slay a few

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