Parks, Squares and Alleys - Marmalade Man

Текст песни: Marmalade Man

I'm a marmalade man
And my land is occupied, now there's
Only smell of garlic and despair
I'm a marmalade man
All my candy folks I've ever known
They are living in a soundproof

[Verse 1]
I pretended I was happy
With my jelly bear
In the forest valley
And my sugar sword is waiting
For returning to our daydream

[Verse 2]
On my jelly mount
To the dawning castle
I'm gonna deal with it
Take care, Lentil Count
Our land will blossom
'Cause I'm gonna make it sweet

So I broke down the gate
And the man in the silver coat said
That I was late
And he took me inside
And it could be a trap
But I had no time to think about (you) that

In the main hall he stood
Oh, his look was so gentle
My eyes filled with juice
Did I get sentimental?
Lentil Count!
What have you done to my licorice mind?
He said: "Nothing. I have never been unkind
Everything's the same like it's been before
Everything's the same like it's been before
It's only you have changed"

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