Porchy feat. Oxxxymiron & Cianna Blaze - BACK 2 GRIME

Текст песни: BACK 2 GRIME

[Pre-Verse: Porchy]
I was born for this can't let them forget
I'm from the era of discs and cassettes
I can do Grime [?] trap [?]
'Cause I don't really care so please don't be upset

[Verse 1: Porchy]
Finger bells for the king pin, pin, pin
Spitting bullets [?] zing zing, pin pin
[?] when I sing things things ring
Now I got her twerking on a [?]
I'm in love with the beat not a fling ting, swing wings
Metaphors are flying
Ever saw I'm a grime
My forces are supplying
Everyone who thought that I bring ring
Got it poppin' like popcorn
If you got a my million bangers, I got more
Drop more and them, watch everybody drop jaws
Of course, so I kill 'em for everyone on top (on top)
Throw the microphone into my handsaw
Dropped out at college
I never made sophomore
I got connections so if anybody test me
I don't care [?] I'ma cut cords
My name's PORCHY, I bring forces
I spit raw shit, I can't force it
Important, no exhaustion
No endorsement, no extortion
Still get this shit lit like [?]
Might catch me with a bitch, that's gorgeous
Thousand horses, [?] the forges with the sources

[Verse 2: Oxxxymiron]
Вайб, три икса, hoe:
Возобновляется сага
Бас хуярит из саба
Тебя позабывают и за год
Зиг-зиг-загом лихо петляет слалом
Это реконкиста хип-хапа
Ты скопировал стиль по лекалам (та-адам!)
Экий неказистый ты кадр
Дам им слов
Много слов
Новых слов
Странных слов
Я мастодонт
Острослов грайм-основ: Charlie Sloth
Сладких снов, я здесь богослов
За кэш баснословный
Нет таких в словаре, ни кроссфордах этаких слов
Чтоб допёрло до этих ослов
Что я не зря сижу взаперти
Пытаюсь вечно чё-то решить
Лишь усложняя сам себе жисть
Голос шепчет: «Просто пиши, будь здесь
Будь тут, а не там, тут, а не там, там
Тут, а не там, тут, а не-та-не там
Будь тут!»
И я снова бегу по битам
Но не покидая дома в глуши

[Verse 3: Cianna Blaze]
I had to drop on this lyrically to show them
Never ready to the flow [?] throw them
If you want a show, and I'm glowing like I'm a Vulcan
I kill it hard like I'm bringing fucking roaches
Check this
Hold up
I'm next
I am your highness
No clocks
Slick like a block of ice
What I do can't find at pricelist
What I do can't buy — no prices
What I do combine — like priceless
Then watch at my life for a bag of opinions
Which one of them are, gonna pay my bills
And my immature racks get wisdom
So wait 'til the drama
Don't break a lava
Never stop spreading them fictions

[Verse 4: Porchy]
Force to be reckoned with
You can't ignore I was born to be hella sick
Taught to be better quick
All I wanna be is be a legend for the [?]
I eased the game, I could never quit
Paid my dues, didn't cheat, and I never skipped
I lived in a council estate growing up
So I'm proud that I'm known [?]
Whole life I'm broke for my relatives
Bring more hype to the show
More life on the road
I guess getting gold is imperative
Touch mic and I freeze all the negatives
You could never see another copy of the beast like me
Not [?] many wanna spit like P
My flow throws like seas over seas
It's still overseas
You wanna talk grime?
I ain't never been on a line (Never)
I told you like I never wanna resign (Never)
You better [?] (Pussyhole)
I'm in the [?], I'm letting the bullets fly
Fly like Pegasus, ride it like [?]
Rhymes like Genesis, sick I'm like [?]
Living off adrenaline
Everybody knows I be putting on a show when I walk up in the premises

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