Текст песни: BUZZCUT

[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]
Who let the dope boys out?
Thank God you let me crash on your couch
Who's my God that I’m prayin' to now?
Early two-thous, they tried to jump me in, Latino protection
Any direction, you gave me your blessing
Texan, I text him, I told him I got him
Told him I made it to Hollywood, all it took was a summer to fail
A platinum record not gon' keep my Black ass out of jail
Truth prevails, this is real, miss my brother
I love my mother, drove all the way to Cali’ just to check up on me
Made her go home, felt the virus
Web of life is my weave, false dreams stripped by silence
Deals thеy had us sign; for years, it had me blind
Think I had to hit rewind and think about why I do shinе
Got my cousin doin' time, he was barely pushin' dimes
My whole family cursed, now get the fuck out my ride

[Chorus: Kevin Abstract]
—ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide, yeah, I
Nothin', nothin', nothin', nothin', nothin'
Now, get the fuck out my ride
—ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide, yeah, I (Get the fuck out)
Fuck with me, give no shit, guess my ignorance is bliss
Now get the fuck out my ride
—ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide, yeah, I
Nothin’, nothin’, nothin', nothin’, nothin'
So get the fuck out my ride
—ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide, yeah, I
If a killer say shit, then get these motherfuckers— (Get the fuck out)

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
Live from the gutter, blood like red paint spills
You niggas ain't alpha, you're incels
You normies ain’t a part of the script, doxx your house with crips
Pop shit, now you got content, constant
Where to begin? A veteran with medicine pen
Let 'em all in, treat 'em like they next of my kin
Checkin' your chin way before the record begin
Niggas blow a lot of smoke like they breath in the wind
Ain't no pretend, tell you how it is, how it go
What do you know, when you start escapin' your soul
White on the street, walking the beat like Abbey Road
Truth be told, no such thing as "real nigga mold"
Through the lights, camera, action, glamour, glitters and gold
Unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe
No peace on the street, so I'm clutchin' my heat
Gotta watch for these savages roamin' the street (Go)

[Bridge: Kevin Abstract & Jabari Manwa]
I- I float (Go)
I'ma see ya when I do
Now get the fuck out my ride
—ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide-ide, yeah, I
(Yeah, nigga, we back up in this thang)
Now get the fuck out my ride
(Yeah, new machine)
They said I'd never, ever see the sunlight (Tell 'em)
I thought I'd never, ever see the sunlight
They said I'd never, ever see the sunlight

[Outro: Joba, Kevin Abstract, & Merlyn Wood]
Sometimes, it drives me crazy (Look at the sky!)
This all I got for you (Niggas!)
That sunlight, it'll drive you crazy
What is God to you niggas?
(Goddamn, motherfucker, ugh)


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