Bastille & Riz Ahmed - Promises (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "Give Me The Future"

Текст песни / Караоке: Promises

[Spoken Word: Riz Ahmed]
Baby, I can't promise you nothin'
I mean, the future could be all we need or plugs in a dustbin
I see the clouds all brewing, guess we're due for a floodin'
The cold blue light blinds, but my ark is your lovin'
A.I. in the sky hummin'
The world's burning, but fuck it
Asleep stomach to stomach is all I need to be honest
Not 'cause I'm evil or ostrich, but 'cah my people turned prophets
Already walking on water while the sea level's frothing
Yeah, it's heavy, tread steady, but this ain't any old romance
Babe, you were just my best lay and I never planned to hold hands
Till the whole of human history aligned so we could slow dance
And those that came before us suffered more so is it so bad?
They carried us as hope inside their ovaries and gonads
So sunburnt or drowned or deleted
It's the end of we, but maybe we're the bitter seeds that grow into a lemon tree
Yeah, the past and the future lives inside the present's energy
So show a little tenderness now and love flows endlessly
Time is on a loop like the sun, that's its destiny
So the truth is how you lie here next to me is how we'll forever be

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