Belle & Sebastian - Deathbed of My Dreams (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "A Bit of Previous"

Текст песни / Караоке: Deathbed of My Dreams

Whistling through the summer time
School can whistle for my return
I've got plans and I've got schemes
To live and I've got love to burn
The girl I've got, she laughs a lot
She asks me what I mean
I paint the perfect picture...
The deathbed of my dreams

Rocking rolling riding
We fell down the stairs
Found a note in her picture book
"the deathbed of despair"
Where's my girl? Where did she go?
I could not foresee
Seems so in thе distance now
The deathbеd of my dreams
To know what's right
To know what's real
Is simple if you're willing
To live and to die a man
Is just the same as living

The Autumn wind brings me no chill
I lean towards its warm embrace
The road it lies before us now
It runs beyond what's dealt by fate
My wife she comes and holds me near
She looks at me and beams
I close my eyes and I reprise
The deathbed of my dreams

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