Belly - Snakes & Ladders (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "See You Next Wednesday"

Текст песни / Караоке: Snakes & Ladders

Good evening, good morning, and good afternoon
I see some of you have retained, about trust
To the newcomers, I say, please be seated and do not be alarmed, for this is just a figment of your mind

Yeah, (Huh)
The only time I be a snake, is at the sight of a rat
The flow so dope, my birthstone might've been crack
I was good on every block (Oof)
Ran the country coast to coast, shoulda call me Terry Fox
Heard about the drip, she pull up and lick up every drop
At the Marriott, cutting keys like we carry lock
Hell to paradise, I'm a paradox
Write with the hand of god, my pen want a Harry Potter
Married on Marijuana, pills modern day Nirvana
I feel different, I really think the simulation glitching
They had me on this medication tripping
Uh, I can't believe what I become like, I run away from sunlight
I been in this shit since I was eleven but, I only won twice
Get it? Eleven, one twice, but shit can change in one night
In Jonestown tryna find out what the punch like
I been getting too much bread, for these dumb nights
Strip club throwing singles up, thats a crumb fight
Smart bored, but I'm still dumb nice

Welcome to our twisted world
You are not what we think humans are
Keep your head high around these snakes

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