Blue October - Somebody

Текст песни: Somebody

So you dropped me
 Held me by my feet and let me go
 I fell between the seat, but nothing broke
 I've yet to feel that brilliant afterglow
 The one I knew of years ago
 Now I'm twisted
 Twisted from the waist and spun around
 Promised only sky but given ground
 Realized the makeup is for a clown
 The clown I knew of months ago

 I only wanted to be somebody
 So fucking bad, I came unglued
 I only wanted to be somebody
 So here we are now, face to face
 And I'm fucking you

 So you caught me!
 Wishing I were better than the rest
 You hit me and left bruises on my chest
 And when I wouldn't cheat
 I spit upon your test
 The test I tore up weeks ago
 And now my fist is
 My fist is for your face to cock the jaw
 When I begin to rise, you start to fall
 Now you know how it feels to drop the ball
 The ball I threw back days ago


 So I'll just stand right here for now
 I should have won, but how?
 I break a smart ass grin
 Who let the loser win?
 Let's break a smart ass grin
 Let's let the losers win!