Bones & Deergod - BluntsInTheRain

альбом "PushingUpDaisies"

Текст песни: BluntsInTheRain

[Verse: BONES]
Blunts in the rain, flowers in the vase
Drip-drop go the drops on the window pane
I saw, I came, I live in vain
I water my plants then I clean my chains
I saw life was when the drop tonight
Laugh track over all the letters that you wrote to me
The flows that I give in the game are like gold
Better save it in the vault for when it rains and pours
I got styles galore for any situation thrown at me
Lookin' at the price for what it takes to start cloning me
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I need my dopе like a planet, it need to rotate
I'm on thе phone with the reaper, he said he gon' be late

[Instrumental Outro: Deergod]

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