Bones & Deergod - Cracked

альбом "PushingUpDaisies"

Текст песни: Cracked

[Verse: BONES]
When it come to beef, I welcome it
Head out [?]
Stickin' up my guns, lookin like somebody duffin' it
Moon's out, mask on
Creepin' with the mac drawn
9 millimeter if they act wrong
Sig 9, let the weather be the disguise
Warning shots, beggin' and beggin', I don't miss fire
I get this bitch live then me and my scene dip
I do it once and do it right, fuck a remix
I had devoted my time, converting illest of rhymes
And for the moment I'm fine, I'm doin' okay
They had to know my lines, I sing a tone in my mind
And for the momеnt I'm fine, I'm doin' okay

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