BONES - DemolitionFreestylePt3 (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "InLovingMemory"

Текст песни: DemolitionFreestylePt3

Yeah, ayy

She like my attire, she like how I style, yeah, yeah
White like Em, but I rep that M in 59, yeah, yeah
Quit the lies, shit get sticky every time, yeah, yeah
Am I blind? Muzzle flash, it make 'em blind, yeah
I don't want to be awake, I just wanna go to sleep
I don't got to deal with humans, at least I do not in my dreams
I get peace
Blunt guts in my teeth on the creek
I know they familiar with the team
I could never forgive no hiccup, pick 'em up
Put 'еm in the trunk for later
Lift it up, pick up Christopher Cross
Glock .9, now that boy sailing
Stop, drop and roll, had to flamе 'em
Drop top the four, candy painted
On top, your boy been the greatest
Stone wash, your whole body faded
They call me God and I'm still unjaded
Dark alone, stay aggravated
I am what they agitated
Take it, grateful, she say "Thank you"
You want fame, but will you make it?
Had a chance, but didn't take it
Now you buggin', chasin' payments
Wait, I've been all platinum
Navigators on them haters
MTV I hit my chicken dance
Pick it up, now we crank it
Choppa spray, he up that glick, it jammed
Wam, bam, thank you, man
Hop out van and clear your camp
Damn, man, a couple M's
Every time I check my (SESH)
With the big dawgs, he like [?], uh
On my left hand, that's a sigma, uh
I'm locked, but I got the key and I don't think I wanna get out, uh
He done, he need to sit down
Grabs some woods and drop your friend off
Out the route to (Ah) I let off
Stick and stones, that's what they sell y'all
Know shit hard, that's what they tell y'all
How you let them lies get to you?
He said what 'bout who now? We gon' let them vibes get to you
Come test the goddamn bone crushers, dope up in the trunk
Never scared so you say, but you yet to meet the one, uh

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