Elton John - The Ballad Of Blind Tom (Текст и слова песни)

Текст песни / Караоке: The Ballad Of Blind Tom

"Say that boy's a wonderment"
 "No! The kid's a freak"
 But that kid he don't care none
 His black hands resting on the keys
 Hoppin' like a big old frog
 And hissin' like a train
 Entertaining royalty
 All points east, west and in-between

 General he's a fine old man
 Treat him like his own
 "Boy wouldn't know from money"
 Just throw old Blind Tom a bone
 From the times of King Cotton
 May we present to you
 All you Jim Crow monkeys
 From Harlan County down to Tuscaloo

 Pay me anything you like
 I'll pay it back to you
 Be careful what you call me though
 Some things cut clear on through
 I may be an idiot
 I may be a savant
 I didn't choose this life for me
 But it's something that I want

 Cocks that old big head aside
 Grunts a word or two
 Keeps 'em guessin' every night
 Is he really gonna make it through
 Faint hearts with their fans out
 Starched collars and cigars
 He weren't no use for slavin'
 "I wouldn't want him in my yard"

[Chorus x2]

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