FKA twigs - track girl interlude (Текст и слова песни)


Текст песни / Караоке: track girl interlude

It's so nice to have a cuddle
What's the melody you're doing?
Are we recording? 'Cause this is good

Road, like, thug mentality (Yeah), was my type
A sense of protection, that's what it gives me (Hmm)
That's what I connect it with, but—
I have to be sexually attracted to you though, c—

And it's like
It's not a massive deal
Don't you know that I like you?
Aha, this is a big deal

Though I kind of like guys that usually smoke weed (Get it, get it, period)
Who usually sell drugs (Period)

No, but I was there for it, sis

So, I'd get on the train
Croydon to Victoria Town Junction to get on a coa—
And I'd go and chill with him for, like, an hour
What did he do?
He was an athlete
I wasn't his track girl
I, I, I, I
Yeah, I haven't been heartbroken since I was about seventeen neither
I'm proper heartbroken at the moment
Are you?
That sucks, like, when you're...
Were you dating someone proper?
No, it was, like, really complicated, like, everything I could get into is... Nothing's ever easy
You seem like a crazy girlfriend, though
Do I?

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