Gym Class Heroes - Apollo 3-1-5 (Текст / Слова песни)

Текст песни: Apollo 3-1-5

I'll kill it, I don't give a fuck [Travis talking]

 Traded in my hollow words for jelly-filled verbs
 And 5 pound pronouns and predicate, this is Schlep's etiquette
 For sloppy-fabled manners get ya napkins, Matty Duke kick the beat and I'm rappin
 Top of the line, top of the world, top of the mornin to ya top dog
 That's a top-notch tie ya got, tie it in a knot
 Till ya eyeballs pop out, so you can actually see what an actual MC looks like
 And if I had to pick and choose, I'd be the indecisive dick in the votin booth, laughin at my options like
 Stop the presser on the media, Schlep rock is leavin ya
 Walk with prosthetic concoctions, I thought I told you
 You just a toadstool while Mario with firepower stickin dick to the princess, it's just senseless like that David and Goliath drama
 Might as the slingin stone, you're basically defenseless
 Anyway you wanted Schlep rocks, cocks obnoxious, it feels like a midget is chillin in my boxers

 I'm Sorry [Travis talking]