Gym Class Heroes - Happy Little Trees

Текст песни: Happy Little Trees

Now who you know leave the scene
 Messier than canvas's by Jackson Pollock
 Throwing multicolored thoughts at a rapid pace
 I make a mess you dissect it and make sense of it
 Then get back to me at your earliest convenience
 Check my verbal sequence as I texturize these tracks
 Seven layers to be exact eliminate the whack
 With a firm brush stroke I mc paintily
 Lyricists begin crumbling from my scumbling technique
 As I tweak your audio and visual keep my drips minimal messages subliminal
 Cause me and rap go way back we compliment
 So together we enhance one another that's common sense
 High intensity catches the eye your jaw drops
 Be a real critic not explicit with false props
 I keep my darks deep my lights bright I'm very thorough
 With my churascurro inspiration spark and a knife
 Now watch me rock the spot like ? minus the heroin
 And make my face popular like Andy did to Marilyn
 Its kinda scary when real art gets left behind
 While they take bullshit and start sellin it to blind folks
 But I remain humble as long as ? continues spinnin hot shit
 On his twin twelve-hundred color wheels of steel
 F**k mass appeal art is art only the real can truly feel it
 So open your eyes and listen
 Combine your ears with vision
 Or do it cause you love it
 Or for cash that's your decision
 That's your decision
 That's your decision

 Its like I'm torn between two worlds
 A paintbrush and a microphone
 A canvas or a beat
 CD or LP
 Anything goes when my ink pen flows
 And God only knows where its gonna bring me next
 So I'm inclined to like paint rhymes and spit kaleidoscopes with one eye closed
 And I suppose if you chose the path that I chose
 You know the cycle ass ho don't front
 It goes inspiration and productivity then a sense of self worth and in steps depression
 Like back and forth and forth and back
 Should I paint a picture or record a track
 A gift or a curse I don't know I'm still undecided
 But over the years I've found clever ways to hide it
 And those that lack the passion I have may despise it
 But my momma made me this way I thank her everyday
 So tell them kids to keep coloring outside the lines
 Until they lose they limitations and they minds is free
 Tell them teachers that you want your money back this time
 And tell Bob Ross for all the happy little trees
 And tell my momma that her baby boy is doing just fine
 Although hes running out of patience but his mind is free
 And tell my pops that I'll pay his money back sometime
 And that his son is two steps away from where he needs to be
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