Текст песни The Game feat. Pharrell - It Must Be Tough

It Must Be Tough (слова песни):

 DJ Ski! The Game
 California Republic mixtape
 Long await, droppin Thursday, bitch!
 {DJ Ski...}

[Chorus: Pharrell]
 It must be tough
 Seein yo' boy doin the same shit
 Ridin around in things you can't get
 With the window down, puffin like it ain't shit...
 It must be tough; it must be tough...
 Seein the glare from my chain and wrist
 Me and 20 goons lookin dangerous
 E'rybody paid, all doin the same shit...
 Countin money nigga
 Tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds [3X]
 Thousands, thousands (it must be tough)

[The Game]
 It must be tough watchin a nigga ball like Carmelo
 My cars is all yellow, my broads is all yellow
 What's wrong with y'all fellas? You fuckin up my energy
 Used to be my ace, now you wastin my Hennessy
 The remedy for haters is crap tables in Vegas
 That crack ain't gettin it lately, I'm stackin that paper, baby
 Maybe I should get a maybe, or maybe I should call (Baby)
 My (Cash Money) is crazy, I crashed up my Mercedes
 and bought me a Ferrari, the license plates say SORRY
 The insides safari, the paint job Amari
 And when the sun hit that bitch, man
 Bounce off them 24's and land on my wristband
 You better keep your arm on yo' bitch, man
 Or you gon be Jamal Crawford - sixth man comin off that bench man
 And it's a shame man, yo' bitch gon make it rain a bender
 (Ay, ay, ay)


[The Game]
 I brush them haters off, like fuck outta here!
 Open up my garage, pull that Porsche truck outta there
 Like fuck outta here, I'm up outta here
 I jump on my hog, throw on that Rough Ryder gear
 I'm a rider yeah, I'm a roller bitch
 I might be through with Benzes like here, hold this 6
 I get money with the players they duckin and dodgin Feds
 For my bread, bring the lead, cause I'm sittin on the edge
 Actin like I don't get it, actin like I don't hustle
 Actin like I don't Diddy, actin like I don't Russell
 Then you wonder why I be, actin like I don't trust you
 If you ain't with me then fuck you, next time I see you I cut you
 How mad was you? Cause last time I hugged you
 I felt the negative energy nigga I could have snuffed you
 Bye hater, cause I'm feelin like (Jada) nigga "We Gon' Make It"

[repeat 2X]
 Tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds [3X]
 Thousands, thousands (it must be tough)

 How many cars we got nigga? (Thousands, thousands)
 How many cribs we got nigga? (Thousands, thousands)
 How many hoes we got nigga? (Thousands, thousands)
 How many times we told y'all? (Thousands, thousands)
 How many goons we got nigga? (Thousands, thousands)
 How many guns we got nigga? (Thousands, thousands)
 How many haters we got nigga? (Thousands, thousands)
 Damn... it must be tough