Lil Durk - Grow Up/Keep It On Speaker (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "7220"

Текст песни / Караоке: Grow Up/Keep It On Speaker

[Part I]

(David, wake up)
No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no
(Chase Davis on the beat)

[Verse 1]
I missed two, three graduations of my kids, they begged me to come
Greet my daddy and all of his Muslim brothers, I be like "Salam"
My family get on the book like they ain't shit, I just don't respond
After school, parents they told me "Naw," like that shit cost a, uh
My people stealin' TV's, coppin' radios to get a nod
Catch me, they gon' kill me mama, reason, I can't get a job
Opps play with my name but in real life that shit gon' cost a dub
Ashes from the swisher burned the carpet, I had to toss the rug
My mind was goin' crazy, I couldn't еat, but that's the cost of love
Fantasizing about a million cash, that shit gon' turn me up
Lеan was takin over a nigga life, I had to burn the cup
Even though I gave you my life savings, feel like I ain't doin' enough

I wanted to run the streets when I grow up (When I grow up)
I wanted to be like Meech when I grow up (When I grow up)
I wanted to be a millionaire when I grow up (When I grow up)
I wanted to fuck all the bad hoes when I grow up (When I grow up)
[Verse 2]
I was movin' like a lil' child, like Angelo, grow up
And I be takin' all these drugs until I throw up
I had to grow up, I had to grow up (Grow up)

[Part II]

Police pulled me over 'cause I'm dark-skinned
She lied about her job but she bartend
A hundred thousand smile just for my porcelain (Will a fool)
Talkin' 'bout these drugs, before they barge in

[Verse 1]
Every prison, they come with a bail
Hundred pounds and they come with a smell
Before sex, I'ma offer a pill
Niggas die when they jump in the field
I told Booka "I'll die for the real"
When she come into town, I see her
In the trenches that shit gettin' weird
All these rumors, they hurtin' my ears
Of the drink, I'm not fuckin' with beer
And that pussy get wetter as piers
Feel like Kodak, I'm dyin' to live
I got a model that's down to chill
Off the drugs, I'm fightin' my fears
At the morgue, I'm wipin' the tears
It's too serious, you shoppin' at Sears
Fast car, I can't steer
I got diamonds in my ear
Sometimes, I can't hear

[Verse 2]
Lam' truck, this not a Kia
All the cougars act like they Madea
Miss my granny, I'm dyin' to see her
And my bitch, they be dyin' to build
Wipin' tears from Tooda and Tania
Call 'em sisters, they callin' us cheaters
Been to prison, I'm duckin' them people
Paranoia, I walk with a beeper
Know a killer, they call him a reaper
When they call me, I keep it on speaker
Do a deal, I kick it with eaters
When you text me, I don't even read 'em
I'm of Addys, I don't even need 'em
Say he love me, I don't even believe him

Fast car, I can't steer
I got diamonds in my ear
Sometimes, I can't hear

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