Lil Wayne - Put On For The Game

Текст песни: Put On For The Game

Dedicationn 333333
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I feel like these motherfuckers better know me next
I realized I never loved h.o.e.s.
Full white top cup full of codeine mix
Still eat a couple rappers for my protein bitch
I'm on my so mean shit!
And you don't know me bitch
I do it for those who did it before me bitch
My goon is 'gon ride even with a slow leak bitch
And if we gettin chicken you get no piece bitchhh
Stunna man said kill 'em all
So still I know I'm a kill 'em all
Murder them pussy holes
I'm flyer than a butterfly doin' the tootsie roll
Haha, I got chips like the cookie dough
And it takes a lot of paper to book a show
You wouldn't know cause you couldn't know
I'm who they're looking to and who they're looking for
And numbers don't lieeee, lieeeeeeeeeee
And numbers don't lieeee
Yeah, better hope your math is right
Take your body for a sacrifice
You see those flashin' lights
Welcome to after light
I put on for them bitches on on for them bitches
I put on for them bitches on on
I put onnnnnnnnnnn