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альбом "Bobby Tarantino III"

Текст песни / Караоке: Inside

[Verse: Logic]
I'm feelin' depressed, I'm feelin' like less, like I'm not my best
Anxiety got me, I'm stressed
I see my name in the press
I feel the weight of the world on my chest
I feel the weight of the world on my heart
And the pain that I feel is tearin' me apart
Feel like I just can't escape from the dark, but I'm doin' my part
Scared I'ma drop from the top
And the money gon' stop and I'm scared I'ma die
Scared I'ma be the one to do it, too
Fuck that, don't let 'em ruin you
All of these thoughts are inside of my mind
While I'm on stage tryna entertain you
But they want what they want, how they want it
And that shit just drains you
2018 in Pittsburgh, wanna slit my wrist, but I don't deserve that
So I persevere and I face the fear
Even when they discredit my career, Logic be smilin' ear-to-ear

[Chorus: Cynthia Erivo with Logic]
But on the inside
On the inside
But on the inside
Oh, on the inside
On the inside, feels like the tears are flowin'
I should have stuck to the rivers and the lakes I was used to
'Cause now it's waterfalls
And I'm drowning on the inside
So I smile even though I'm achin'
Wanna give up every minute, every hour that I've lived through
Yet I keep holding on
With all this feeling on the inside, inside
[Outro: Cynthia Erivo & Thalia]
On the inside
On the inside
On the inside
On the inside, inside
The inside

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