Текст песни (слова) Omarion feat. Jeremih - Show Me

Show Me

[Verse 1 - Omarion:]
 See you Saturday in toxic
 But you ain't nothin' like them girls that you came with
 No eye contact done locked in
 Then I put you in my phone as my main chick
 I can tell by the way
 You the type to cook a nigga meal by the way
 You the type to pay a nigga bill by the way
 Twerk it like you're doing it for real by the way

[Hook 1 - Omarion':]
 One hotel, five star suite
 Sun goes down, watch her turn in to a freak
 Hundred bad bitches, all I see
 Is you, you you you you you

[Verse 2 - Jeremih:]
 Keep it spontaneous, we're breaking all the rules 'cause I can, yeah
 When you on top you know a nigga can't have her understand, no
 When you get tempted while you're looking I'm looking for a freak, yeah
 We can keep it deadly yeah you know I'm talking seven days a week, yeah
 Me and you, ain't hurt nobody
 What we do, don't tell nobody
 I knew yeah, before it started
 What we do, don't think about it

[Hook 2: -Jeremih:]
 Just show me what you're talking
 (Show me what you're talking) [x4]
 Show me what you're talk, show me what you're talk
 Show me what you're talkin' bout, show me what your talk
 Just show me what you're talkin' bout
 (Show me what you're talkin' bout)
 I show you what you're talkin' bout
 We done

[Hook 1 - Omarion]

[Verse 3 - Omarion (Jeremih):]
 Got on Instagram, I like to know my bitch, I know she got a man, yeah
 (Met a bitch who say she wanna French kiss, I flew her out to Cannes, yeah)
 Ain't no tellin' what she's doin' when she shottin' off the Reposado, sodo
 (Got a devil in a dress, who the best? Hell if I know)
 (But I know)

[Hook 1 - Jeremih:]
 One hotel, five star suite
 Sun goes down, watch her turn in to a freak
 Two bad bitches, one for you and one for me
 Ain't no rules
 Don't tell me

[Hook 2 - Jeremih]

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