Текст песни (слова) The Offspring - D.U.I.


Three in the morning and I gotta be someplace,
 I don't remember where
 friends try to make me stay, or call me a cab home,
 I grab my keys and a beer

 Cops they took my licence away,
 got my car out of impound today
 I've been drunk since last saturday,
 better stay out of my way

 I drink and drive
 Feel so alive
 Never take that dive
 Feel so alive
 Doing 95
 I drink and drive
 Feel so alive
 I drink and drive

 Early in the morning and the freeway's deserted, like its all mine
 I'm trying to set a new drunken speed record,
 but I can't drive a straight line
 Flashing lights, split the night
 I'm tossing bottles as I swerve to the right
 now I've slammed my face into the back of a big rig
 At least you'll never get me, you fucking pigs!
 Designate someone other than me,
 Im so drunk I can hardly see
 Another shot of jager and I turn the key,
 I got so many places to be

 When Im on a binge, my friends all cringe
 They won't drive at night
 Cause way down on the freeway it's such a fright
 But I think I drive alright

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