Текст песни (слова) The Offspring - Get It Right

Get It Right

I've been told that to get what you want
 You just gotta give what you can
 But I know for what I want it don't come easy as that
 They say, "Look out, boy
 Tomorrow comes and things will look better by then."
 But I'll look out the window
 Then look in the mirror at the same old me again

 Still can't get it right
 And for all I know
 I swear I never will

 Do you think you'd sell your soul
 To just have one thing to turn out right?
 For the thousandth time you turnand find
 That it just makes no difference to try
 Like Holden Caulfield, I tell myself
 There's got to be a better way
 Then I lay in bed and stare at the ceiling
 Dream of brighter days


 No way out
 Same old stuff always drags me down
 Now way out
 Never gonna get it

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