Pendulum - Different (Текст и слова песни)

Текст песни: Different

We see the shadows that are falling from your eyes,
Draining your face of everything but the disguise,
Don't hide baby, let them see your true colours,
Don't mind the camera, let them see your back out tonight.
Don't hide baby, show them just how deep it goes,
Don't mind the cameras, let them see your black heart baby!

You've been perfect from the start,
They told me that time has only done you wrong.

We are going to a different place,
We're taking everything we can,
There's no expression left upon our face,
'Cause time is running out so fast,
We're sinking in the sand.

You've been talking from the heart,
Saying that I can't be away from life.


We're sinking in the sand.
We're sinking in the sand.