Prince - 1010 (Rin Tin Tin) (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "Welcome 2 America"

Текст песни / Караоке: 1010 (Rin Tin Tin)

Call to all the women
Call to the men
What could be stranger than the times we're in?
Earthquake, flood, better hurry, kin
Ask the Lone Ranger
Rin Tin Tin

Flowing just like water
Through the sands of time
To the marrow of the bone
And the eye of the mind
Like Gin [?] if you're thirsty
Insight if you're blind
We got to let the funk unwind

Sons of God
And the daughters of men
Enmity between us
Is the fall began (Fall)
What about gymnastics do we not understand?
Maybe we should listen to the band
The fan

Rin Tin Tin
Earthquake, flood
Y'all better hurry, kin
Ask the Lone Ranger
Rin Tin Tin
Analog people
In a digitial world
Too much information
Just make ur hair curl
Nothing left to value
If it's all the same kind
It's time to let the funk unwind!
Ooh, rin tin tin...

Best whether you are
(Best to be like water)
So a sucker just lookin' for stock
You're still a second hand
(Best to be like water)
On your master's clock
Oh, it's best to be like water
There's no vibration in rock
Meet me in between the atoms
Beethoven and Bach

Faith in the normal man
That leads you
Through the wilderness of life
That he taught you
Now has brought you
To the truth about time
There's no such thing
What could be stranger?
(Rin Tin Tin)
Ask the Lone Ranger
(Rin Tin Tin)
Get' em, girl
Better... hurry, kin
(Rin Tin Tin)
We need to let the funk unwind

Here come the jury
Talkin' about good and bad
Wrapped up in their eyes
From the power they had
Check, check the watches
Can somebody please
Tell me the real time
("Man, what time is it?")
They got to let the funk unwind
Oh yeah! (Wind...!)
Rin Tin Tin
Rin Tin Tin
Rin Tin Tin
Rin Tin Tin

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