Текст песни (слова) Run the Jewels - Jeopardy


[Killer Mike:]
 I'm finna bang this bitch the fuck out!
 You betta' -- You might wanna record the way you feelin' like history bein' made
 This muthafucka put a mirror on the goddamn screen
 Let's go, El-P!
 Huh? Champ! That's what we're gonna do, Mick

[Killer Mike:]
 I'm up at midnight, I'm dippin' off in my Nizzikes
 A gun and a metal pizzipe, a knizzife is to my rizzight
 I'm lurkin' servin' on pussies who lack a purpose
 I've got 'em filled up with frizzight like Mizzike is you all rizzight?
 I'm lookin' lurkin' on bitches twerkin' for service
 The bitch's bag is a Birkin, I'm yellin' screamin' and cursin'
 I'm putting pistols in faces at random places like
 Bitch give it up or stand adjacent to Satan
 Bad man chillin', the villains is here
 No Jesuses here, I hear the demons in my ear
 And I want it, I need it, see it, I take it
 Never fake it, wrap you motherfuckers up, leave you naked
 The jewels runners, top tag team for two summers
 Live and let live, fuck you cuz, cause that's a fool's honor
 I'm walkin' totin' on two llamas
 You niggas ass and trash and trash, fuck it, I'm too honest
 So fuck you fuckboys forever, I hope I said it politely
 And that's about the psyche of Jaime and Mikey
 You meet another pair better, highly unlikely
 And if I can't rap, then maggot fuck, then fight me
 I live for the thrill of the kill, yes it excites me
 You know your favorite rapper ain't shit and me, I might be
 The closest representation of God you might see
 Pay honors like your momma young sonna and take a right knee
 The passion of Pac, the depth of Nas, circa nine three
 Mix the mind of Brad Jordan and Chuck D and find me
 I spit with the diction of Malcolm or say a Bun B
 Prevail through Hell, so Satan get thee behind me

 (Run the Jewels)

 I've never been much of shit, by most measurements don't exist
 On the radar a little blip in the shadow of motherships
 Been smothered and brashly muffled by hucksters of global spin
 Like the sign on my back says "stab me", my soul is your little bitch
 But maybe you should be careful when flipping a stranger's switch
 Like assuming the war is won ain't a symptom of arrogance
 When nothing to lose a step up then everything's for the win
 So we grin in the face of frauds and tell monsters to suck our dicks
 I live to spit on your grave, my existence is to disgrace you
 The kitten became a lion that look at your face like great food
 That's why we got the people behind us
 While other rappers are vaginas for the fame the jewels runners will always stay rude
 Motherfuck your permission, was never yours to begin with
 And every bar of the bitch shit you spit is your fucking prison
 I been here making raw shit and never asked to be lauded
 Run the Jewels is the answer, your question is "what's poppin'?"