Trippie Redd - Supernatural (Текст и слова песни)

альбом "Trip At Knight"

Текст песни / Караоке: Supernatural

[Part I]

(I'm shy, oh my god)

Take a chill pill, take a chill pill
Take a chill pill, take a chill pill
Take a chill pill, take a chill pill
Take a chill pill, take a chill pill

Bitch, I'm from 800 where we kill, kill
Walk down, do a drill-drill, pop out like a pill, pill
Wake up in the morning, spark a blunt and crack a damn seal
We ballin', bitch, I break the backboard, Shaquille O'Neal (Yeah, yeah)
Big chopper turn like Timmy, we got Dracos with titties
We got kids runnin' 'round with semis, that ain't love, that's envy
Big Jurassic in your city, Bimmers, Benz and Bentleys
Rollin' 'round, G-Wagen, lean go to my kidneys
Bitch, I'm a monster, bitch, I'm a goon
I cannot lose, bitch, I'm a winner
Diamonds, they dancin' on me likе the winter
I got the shеlls, no Master Splinter
I got them bales, with the flick of my heater
Got a cross on my nails, but I won't cross my niggas
Big 14, know what the fuck goin' on, gang

[Part II]

On my gang (Woah)
On my gang (Nigga)
On my gang (On my), gang
On my gang
On my gang (Woah)
On my gang (Yeah)
On my gang

With the gang, I'm a rebel (On my gang)
I made treaties with the devil
Out in space, don't need no shuttle (Bah)
Don't be scared, don't need no trouble (Haha)
I just down this Hennessy, it got me seein' double (Gang)
Countin' chips, don't let the cookie crumble
We—we keep blicks, got that bag, and now I'll never fumble
Trippie vers' the whole damn gang, it's like a Royal Rumble (Bah)
Pussy boy got pushed out the whip, I watched 'em roll and tumble (Bitch)
Your bitch kissin' on my dick, look like she blowin' bubbles (Woah)
Yeah, you niggas Autobots, I'm a damn Gundam
Walk around this bitch like I'm their pops, now they mad I sonned 'em (Woah)
Summin' up the paychecks, I'ma get this cash (Cash)
Summon up that paycheck, I'ma get that bag (Woo)
Private flights to Berlin, I got jet lag
Nigga tryna steal my shine and our jet packs
And I'm only goin' up from here like a jet pack
And your homie, I rolled up in here
It's that good pack (It's that good shit)
Bitch, gang (Woah)
Woah (On my gang)

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