Tyler, The Creator - MASSA (Текст и слова песни)


Текст песни / Караоке: MASSA

[Intro: Tyler, The Creator]
Whatever your shit is, man, do it
Whatever bring you that immense joy, do that, that's your luxury
The greatest thing that ever happened to me was
Bein' damn near twenty and leavin' Los Angeles for the first time
I got out my bubble, my eyes just wide
My passport is the most valuable—

[Chorus: Tyler, The Creator]
Massa couldn't catch me, my legs long than a bitch
Got too much self-respect, I wash my hands 'fore I piss
They try to talk me—, ehm, I'ma just go

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
Yeah, when I turned twenty-three, that's when pubеrty finally hit me
My facial hair started growin', my clothing ain't really fit mе
That caterpillar went to cocoon, do you get me?
See, I was shiftin', that's really why Cherry Bomb sounded so shifty
My taste started changin' from what it was when they met me
But first impression is everything, ain't wanna let me go
Always curious as a child and askin' questions, so
I ain't give no fucks, if, and, buts if they accept me
Yo, my boy Skateboard P gave me that speech in Italy session, um
Thankfully, by hour three it detoured perspective, um
Thoughts changed so rapid, turned to butterfly, Flower Boy happened
All the bees buzzed me, the bugs screamed they loved me
First time I private airlined, accolades, song got airtime
Grew into my style, body, and feelings, and fixed my hairline
Calmed down in front of cameras, business hit tens of millions
I'm not that little boy y'all was introduced to at one-nine
Mom was in the shelter when "Yonkers" dropped, I don't say it (I don't say it)
When I got her out, that's the moment I knew I made it (Yeah, yeah)
I don't come from money, they deny it
Since I don't mirror the stereotypical products of my environment
Eight figures in taxes taken, that shit is stupid
A flower gets its petal, they pluck it, but never use it
It's still potholes in the schools, where does it go?
It's still loopholes that I use, nobody knows
[Chorus: Tyler, The Creator]
Massa couldn't catch me, my legs long than a bitch
Got too much self-respect, I wash my hands 'fore I piss
They try to talk me up, but I keep short like Caesar
Eyes open if I pray 'cause I can't trust God either, uh

[Break: DJ Drama]
Seein' that we only get one life to live
How far do you really wanna take it?
Don't let 'em ever tell you nothin' you can't do

[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator]
Yeah, I purchase more wheels when I feel like I'm third-wheelin'
My favorite part of the double R is the bird ceilin'
The panoramic view of the sky and the sun beamin'
That ray of light show that nobody is front-seatin'
I'm on the hunt for perfect but decent is what I been on
I know she fell in love, but commitment is not my end goal
And all my friends that did got too comfy, a little chubby
And that drive to make that money dried up when that nose was runny
We ain't gotta pay attention to the stuff that he battles
Everyone I ever loved had to be loved in the shadows
Tug-of-war with X and Y felt like a custody battle
Felt like the boat goin' down, it felt like I'm missin' a paddle
Might buy that crib in Seattle covered in grass, lackin' gravel (Yeah)
It come with two boats and cattle, I'm livin' sweet, ain't you heard? (Ain't you heard, nigga?)
This perspective from the beak of a bird
You hope I peak, you take my peace
You gon' see me and run like thieves in the night
I'm paranoid, I sleep with a gun
The heat on my dungaroos because they beefin' for fun
I'm vegan for now, I'm conscious, know my hands meet when I bow
I'm grateful, you niggas hateful, you eat at me, you got a plate full
You can't relate to these things I say to these instrumentals
Whether it's wealth talk or shit that's painful
I paint full pictures of my perspective on these drum breaks
Just for you to tell me it's not good from your lunch break
[Outro: DJ Drama]
Holiday season
A vision you have to understand from perspective
Check your resources, nigga

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