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Текст песни: MOMMA TALK

[Spoken Word: Louisa Whitman & Tyler, The Creator]
His daddy fine, I'm fine, what you thought?
Shit, his daddy fine. Nah his daddy, his momma fine, bitch
What you mean? He got his looks from me
You better tell this ho, this my nigga though
My ride or die, I’d kill a motherfucker over this one right here, nigga
I'd stand in front of a bullet, on God, for this one
My son used to record me beatin' his ass, facts
I didn’t give a fuck
I, I bossed up on teachers, principals, mamas, kids
I didn't give a fu-am I lying?
You have no reason to
If you fuck with my kid, I'd beat up a kid over my kid, okay?
This little boy used to run, he was scared
I said, "Go get your bitch-ass mama"
I would beat your whole family and didn't give a fuck
They be like "Tyler, Tyler mama crazy, Tyler mama crazy"
Yup, don't fuck with my kid
Tyler would be like "Get 'em, mom"
But she like "No, don't do it"
Tyler would be like "Get em, mom, get 'em"
"No, mom, don’t do it"
I’d be like "Shut yo ass up"
She cryin' "Noo—"

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