Razorlight - No Answers

Текст песни: No Answers

And if I look your way
Will this gaze always carry some power
Yeah some power
And if you turn it on
Will it grant us the chance of satisfaction?
Ooh, satisfaction

Well you say, you say that you're done with those dreams now
And would you call out, to say that you're done taking chances
Well all I see are no answers
No answers
No answers

Endless love, deeper than charm
Can we know it with just an encounter
Of beauty's cruel judgement, are we free?
And this gaze, does it keep you locked in competition?
The urge to be free makes us prisoners
With beauty always alienated from me

And you say, you say that you're living for dreams now
Oh, yeah, baby, you dreamer, you say that you're done taking chances
Oh yeah babe there's a deep that fills up when it rains
Like a spot that's hooked up to the mains
There's a human resistance to change, oh
And no answers
No answers
But no answers
No answers
All I see are no...