Soundgarden - Been Away Too Long

Текст песни: Been Away Too Long

[Verse 1]
You can't go home, no I swear you never can
You can walk a million miles and get nowhere
I got nowhere to go ever since I came back
Just filling in the lines from the holes to the cracks

[Chorus 1]
And no one knows me
No one saves me
No one loves or hates me

I've been away for too long

[Verse 2]
This place has a special kind of falling apart
Like they put the whole thing together in the dark
No one knows where the edge of the knife is
And no one knows where intelligent life is

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
But it's fate
I only ever really wanted a break
I’ve been away for too long
Though I never really wanted to stay
I’ve been away for too long (x2)

[Verse 3]
Kilos through key holes
Widows through windows
Pilots through eyelets
Everyone is silent
Tankards and flagons and snifters and flutes on my way home

[Chorus 2]x2

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