Tenacious D - cave women

Текст песни: cave women

Cave Woman: Weary travelers!
KG: Hello?
Cave Woman: Hello!
KG: Who goes there?
Cave Woman: We are the clan of the cave bear women
KG: What?
Cave Woman: We see you there. Drink not from that fountain of filth!
KG: Wh-
Cave Woman: It be the sewage of the drain
KG: Sewage!?
Cave Woman: Come with us
KG: Fuck
Cave Woman: We shall offer you the water from the purest springs. Come follow us
KG: Ah!
JB: Thank you. Oh my God
KG: Dude, that’s so insane. Man
JB: Dude, human beings!
KG: I can’t believe it!
JB: We found human beings! Follow her, follow her
KG: I know, she’s kind of hot too
JB: C’mon Kyle, please
KB: No! I’m just saying
JB: Some respect
KB: Okay, yeah, yes
Cave Woman: We’ve prepared for you meals and then we suggest you rest. Your weary souls must be tired

[Music box lullaby plays]

KG: Oh we are so tired
JB: Thank you so much. Oh, I’m so fucking tired dude. You know what, I’ma, I’ma take her up on that offer and take a-
KG: Yeah
JB: Take a quick power snooze

[JB starts snoring]

KG: Ah I’m tired

[Rooster crows]

JB: Oh man, I had the best dream
KG: Oh yeah?
JB: Yeah
KG: What was it?
JB: Some beautiful woman was givin’ me a beej-
JB: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho

[Single slurp noise]

JB: Oh my god, Oh my god! That’s no dream! It’s happening. Ho, hello, um, hi. That’s a pleasant surprise, that feels good, I do not know, um, can you stop stop for a second? I’m sorry, I’m feeling a little-

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