Tenacious D - chainsaw bazooka machine gun

Текст песни: chainsaw bazooka machine gun

[Big explosion and machine gun fire]

Terminator: That was my chainsaw bazooka machine gun! I killed the fucking father Daddy Ding Dong
JB: Yeah! Thank you!
Terminator: I know the coordinates. I will help you. I’m gonna be your best friend. I’m gonna be in the band
KG: Yeah, I don’t know if we can do that, but that’s great
Terminator: I’m gonna be new lead singer of the band. I’m gonna write lyrics for you. It’s gonna be Tenacious D with me. It’s gonna be the best. We’re gonna be the best. We’re gonna be like brothers. We’re gonna be The Three Musketeers
KG: What? No, we can’t accept you. No, we can do that. No we don’t have any- no dude
JB: Yeah. Nah. I mean a lot of that sounded good but uh, I don’t know, it’s just- I’m sorry to say it Terminator. You’re just coming on a little strong. Me and KG are a duo. We’re not really used to this. Uh, thank you for everything you’ve done
KG: We appreciate your help
JB: Thank you for the coordinates. This is where we part ways, but thank you for fucking everything you did. For saving our lives and all the rest. Thank you bro
KG: So much, so much
Terminator: Wait, wait. Before you go, I got this song I want to sing

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