Tenacious D - desolation

Текст песни: desolation

[Voice-over: JB]

JB: Dude, oh my God
KG: Where are we?
JB: Oh my God, what have we done to Mother Earth?
KG: Well we didn’t do anything, did we?
JB: Humanity Kage, humanity. What have we done to Mother Earth?
KG: Oh the horror
JB: The what?
KG: Oh the horruh
JB: What?
KG: The horruh-huh-huh
JB: Are you doing?
KG: Marlon Brando from Apocaly-
JB: This is no time for fucking imitations
KG: Sorry

[KG starts to cry]

KG: What are we gonna do?
JB: We will survive

[KG stops crying]

KG: We will?
JB: Yeah, with our wits and our friendship and our Rock. We will find a way, we will survive. Whoa look at that, it’s a cute little two-headed doggy

[Dog barks]

KG: Oh-ho, can we keep him?

[Dog whimpers joyfully]

KG: Look how cute
JB: Of course we can. We will name him Hope

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