Tenacious D - ​i've got to go

Текст песни: ​i've got to go

Scientist: Wow! Um, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Okay! Your lucky day Jack Black, you’re getting on the ship. Kyle Gass, I’m sorry. You’re not gonna make it too. We’re not blaming you. We’re gonna bring only half, and uh, that is the en-
KG: Wait, wait
Scientist: I fucking shoot you now!
KG: No! Is there no room for two?
Scientist: You fucking, you fucking savage!
KG: No c’mon! We’re a pair- team, we go together
JB: Dude! Fuck! This fucking sucks! He wants me, but not you? That’s fucking bullshit!
KG: Wait, why would he just want one of us?
JB: Dude! Let me tell you something, let me tell you something right now
KG: Yeah, yeah?
JB: Fuck that guy. I’m gonna go, but here’s-
KG: What!? You’re gonna go?
JB: Now let me just tell you, let me tell you why I’m gonna go
KG: And leave me down here? What am I supposed to do? With a fucking three-headed dog?
JB: Yeah, but I’m not fucking what he thinks I am. I’m going as a spy bro. I’m going in there. I’m gonna infiltrate- the revolush- the revolution starts from inside bro. I go in- hear me out. I go in. I fuckin’ s-s-s-check out out the joint. I scope the joint. I figure out what makes them tick and then I fucking get you a ticket
KG: I don't like this plan
JB: I get you a ticket!
KG: Where are you gonna find me!? You’re in space!
JB: Kage, I’m sorry. I’ve got to go!

[Doors close]

[Space ship takes off]

KG: No! No! Don’t go!

[Dog whimpers]

KG: Hope, come here boy. Hope, come here! Hope, where are you going?

[Dog barks]

KG: Hope, boy, come back! Come here! Hope!?

[Crickets chirping]

KG: I’ve lost Hope

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