Tenacious D - JB JR RAP

Текст песни: JB JR RAP

[Intro: Jables Jr.]

[Verse: Jables Jr.]
You see this here green crystal
It's call the Crystal of Gilgamesh
It crashed 12,000 years ago
Near the city known as Budapest
And he who holds the crystal
Is a motherfuckin' Fu Manchu
And now that I have the power
I'm gonna lord it over you
I'm like a God man
With the powers of the anti-Christ
Now beg me for forgiveness
Or you're gonna be sacrificed
My name is Jables Jr
I've got the power of a thousand suns
With the alien technology
Yeah, I'm the chosen one

[Outro: JB]
Jamming out because I'm rocking
Rocking with my jam
Can't stop my jam, motherfucker
My fuckin' jam is the best jam in the world
Motherfucker, yeah

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