Tenacious D - reunion / not so fast

Текст песни: reunion / not so fast

[Bird shrieks overhead]

KG: Yeah, I’m gonna commit suicide! In five, four, three, two-
JB: Don’t even think about it bro
KG: Jack?
JB: Step away from the cliff
KG: You’re back
JB: Yeah, lemme tell you something. That space station was pretty rad except for one thing. I was missing my bro
KG: You were?
JB: When we started Tenacious D we formed a bond that’s to the death
KG: You did
JB: I love you bro!

[JB & KG cry profusely]

JB: A bond! Hug me and hold me!
KG: OK, I will. I will
JB: Kiss me on the lips

Daddy Ding Dong: Not so fast!

[JB & KG scream]

Daddy Ding Dong: Great, now I have you all in my tentacles. Ahh, I’ll begin with you and your little doggy

[Dog growls]

Daddy Ding Dong: You are the one who killed my beloved daughter, Crackalacka Ding Dong. And now, you shall pay with your life. But first, I'm gonna sing you a song. It go a little bit something like this

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