Tenacious D - scientists

Текст песни: scientists

Scientist: Stay where you are!
KG: Ah! Oh, I’m sorry? What?
Scientist: We have laser blaster pistols. We will shoot you and kill you to the ground
KG: We don’t mean any harm. We come in peace. We come in peace
Scientist: Stay where you are, I can see your hands
KG: Wait, where are you from?
Scientist: Where are we from? We are from MIT. Where else? We are the top uttermost scientists in all of the world surviving Anyway, and we are putting the finishing touches this uh, this spaceship because there is a, um, what you call a space station in space that is called a Valhalla, it is very huge
KG: Valhalla. Hm
Scientist: Very spacious so much fun to do and things to do and uh
KG: That’s great!
Scientist: Oh-ho-ho. Let me tell you first who is up on the station before you start saying what you think is great. Richard Branson is up there, of course. Also you got Yo-Yo Ma up there, and only the finest and smartest and richest allowed on the space station, so
KG: Please take us to space. Please, we are the best band in the world. We’re way better than Yo-Yo Ma. Please let us audish
Scientist: Well, you know, what the hell? Show us what you got. We’ll see what you think of it. Blow, blow our minds, you never know!
JB: Alright Kage, you ready?

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