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We all make mistakes
And one of mine was putting up with the horse shit
They say any kinda press is good
Wasting my time on a shoot
Because I should
Sometimes I can't complain though
Never looking good makes me a bankroll
To make sure that I'm stable
So if I crash my car and need insurance then I'm able

What is wrong with you?
You got a problem with me
I'm gonna make you wait in line
As long as the DMV so they'll never reach me
Cause I don't have time for that chatter
That movie was awesome, man
I love the character he played on spongebob, that's cool, that's what he was known for

I literally went out on a limb, not planning ahead
That's why it's been such a slow journey
Journey to the top
I guess I'll just go until I burn out
As long as the west keeps tripping I'll make sure to stay lit
Stay lit
Stay lit
Stay lit

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