The Story So Far - Proper Dose

Текст песни: Proper Dose

[Verse 1]
Highs and lows are how I flow
My favorite mirror's there
Wanna look at what I think I know
But all I do is stare
Too long
I defy the proper dose 'cause I'm alone and I don't care
And though that grass is greener it just don't even compare
At all, at all

All this time I wanna give you back
I feel opaque and absentee
Am I just going through the motions
Or is this how I'll be?
Barely focused anymore
The haze is all that I can see
Red bottle, white cap

[Verse 2]
Slime in my stomach slowly turning
Staring at the grout in the tile
Dry is my heave and my head is burning
Think I'll be in here a while, I'm gone
And my cousin's age is turning
Growing into a man from a child
I wanna watch him play, wanna see him score
Wanna be around cause I need
To make him smile some more

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