TobyMac - Hello Future

Текст песни: Hello Future

[Verse 1]
Hello sunshine, goodbye rain
Hello promise, I hope you're here to stay
Ain't nothin' sweeter than welcomin' new mercy everyday
Hello sunshine, sure glad you came
Sure glad you came

[Verse 2]
Well, hello future (Hey), goodbye yesterday (Yesterday, yesterday)
Your grass is greener (Hey) than anywhere I've lain (I've lain)
You turn these troubled eyes (Hey) to watchin' all my troubles wash away
Hello, future (Hey), we gon' be okay

We gon' be okay
We gon' be okay
(Troubles, troubles, troubles, troubles, troubles, troubles, troubles)

[Verse 3]
Hello purpose, you've alluded me
I thought I'd find you in victory (Victory)
I scaled the mountain (Hey) just to find nobody beside me
Hello purpose (Hey), don't leave me be

Don't leave me be
Don't leave me be
I believe
Don't leave me be

[Verse 4]
Hello Jesus, I hope You understand
My last departure was never planned
I came up empty with everyone and everywhere I been
Hello Jesus, I'm home again
I'm home again

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