Tom Rosenthal - Have We Met Before?

Текст песни: Have We Met Before?

[Verse 1]
Are you thinking?
Is she close?
Do you struggle with umbrellas?
Are you leaving?
Are you home?
Have you timed this badly?
Have we met before?

[Verse 2]
Are you staying?
Did you fall?
Can you count to ten in German?
Can you whisper?
Can you lie?
Did you design your own website?
Have we met before?

[Verse 3]
Are you sleeping?
Are you wise?
What can you see from your window?
Are you hungry?
Are you calm?
Are you on a great adventure?
Have we met before?

[Verse 4]
Are you reading?
Did you choose?
Can you see into the future?
Are you listening?
Are you scared?
Will you know it when you see it?
Have we met before?

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