Troy Ave - Blessings on This White Christmas

Текст песни: Blessings on This White Christmas

This Christmas season, while you're doing your giving and receiving, with family and friends, loved ones and maybe not so loved ones. Let's not forget the main reason why we celebrate this day, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. His life has afforded us an opportunity to take advantage of the greatest gift ever given to man, the power of His holy spirit living in you. Whether you've had a hard life, whether you've made a lot of mistakes or whether you've experienced some things that you wish you never experienced. The love of God is waiting for you to turn to Him because it is never too late to elevate your faith and live on another level. Allow me this Christmas season to say a prayer for you. Lord, let a special blessing fall on those who are listening to this recording right now. You know where they are and You know where they've been. Going into this new year, let destiny be on the forefront of their minds. Let every event be ordained and planned by Your spirit. Lead them to a place where they'll stick until their greatest days, because the past is behind and You're the only one that can author their future because You are the author, and You are the finisher. So, God, we thank You for what You are about to do to the lives of those that are praying with me right now. Let them feel the power of Your spirit, validate Your existence in their lives, and let the angels of God lead them to a place of covenant relationship with You. I pray these blessings on them for the mind and name of Jesus, Amen. Merry Christmas

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